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Chủ Nhật, 18 tháng 10, 2009

Một mình

Đọc bài thơ này của ai trên Youtube, thấy hay hay ngộ nghĩnh tính copy để dịch ra , nhưng khi nghe từ Youtube mới biết đó là bản dịch cảm tác từ bài hát trong clip.

What does the wind think about as it stays dazed outside?
What does the rain think about as it whispers on my eves?
How many night have I been alone thinking of you?
Tonight I am again alone

Thinking of you hurrying along in a light rain
Your clothes clinging on when the sky pours
I am hesitant because our children are still young,
I need to pick them up from school

Thinking of your sweat and your youthful hair
The wind carving at your two shoulders
Your feet tottering on a small road
Your thin shadow wavering...

Without you it's just me and myself.
Dry leaves are falling again this season.
I pity that you must wander in another world,
Desolate in a far away place


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